Real estate

The hostel real property is located in 1084 Budapest at József u. 13. (Topographical No.: 35220).

It used to be an office building, and now it operates as a well-known HOSTEL.

The parcel is 413 m2, and the building occupies almost the whole of it.

The hostel building has 5 floors: basement, ground floor, first, second, third floor.


The hostel real property is located in the city centre of Budapest.

It is easily accessible by bus, tram or the subway.

The closest subway station (Rákóczi tér) is within a ca. 1-minute-walk from hostel, which significantly makes it easier to reach the building and increases its value.

Lay-out, use

Thanks to its excellent lay-out, the property may be used for several purposes.

A wide range of opportunities are available, it currently operates as a Hostel, however, it is easy to have it reclassified as a 3-star-hotel, or it could be used for several purposes: office building, doctor's office, training centre, workers' hostel, apartments, etc.

It is for sale with a pleasant interior, large opening windows and under favourable terms.

Contact details

You may request information by using the following list of our contact details:

Nagy István

Mobile phone: +36 (20) 934 2657


Mailing address: SO-Ni 96 Kft., 1084 Budapest József u. 13.

Urgent investment opportunity

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Nagy István

Mobil:+36 (20) 934 2657